Meet the NorthCmedia team

Irene ’t Hart


As founder and owner of NorthCmedia, Irene goes through fire for her clients, as well as for the best result. With over 20 years of experience in the visual media industry, Irene knows exactly what is important in the fast-moving online world. Together with her creative team, she anticipates the growing need for catchy video, animation, and other kinds of communication.


Big creative brain and a real hard worker is the best description of Andreas. Since the start of NorthCmedia, Andreas has been the center of the creative making process of various, and sometimes complex projects. From a small edit to a real-life animation or high-end film production, Andreas is a professional, punctual, and has a creative drive for the best results and perfection.


Bart is a multifunctional member of our team and is responsible for filming and editing our Productions. Bart is not easily fooled, and always knows how to surprise us with stunning cinematic images. The world of the maritime industry has become a perfect match for him, and Bart is inquisitive, calm and likes to push the boundaries between him and the camera.


Flexibility and a great pleasure in editing any type of production is what Alekzandr is all about. With a great sense of detail, Aleksandr spends all the time on our edits for the best results. With the skills to switch quickly and a solution-oriented mentality, we can always count on a perfect end result. I can’ t do it, is not for Aleksandr, and he will do everything to fix it.

Alexander Noel

Filming with high-end cameras is what Alex loves doing the most. As soon as the camera starts to run, Alex is in his element and sometimes we must stop him. Alex likes to try things out, use technical gadgets and strive for the best results. Alex can also edit quickly and well, which makes him a very flexible colleague we like to send on location.


What would a media company with so many timelapse clients be without a technical expert? Angela is within NorthCmedia our technical brain and especially when it comes to Timelapse technique. With her broad electro technical skills, she knows like no other how a camera should be installed and how it should run perfectly. She is handy and has strong technic skills.



Boyd can best be described as a true professional, with his more than 35 years of experience in the television and AV world. Boyd, the cool colleague with the baseball cap, a truckload of experience and a huge interest in technology and solution-oriented productions. Boyd is our much respected “old school” colleague who has learned filming as it should.



Paula is our creative colleague with a keen interest in animation and graphic edits. She is proactive, always comes up with good ideas and is interested in the world and people. Her enthusiastic enjoyment of work is reflected in the productions and our team. With Paula in our team there is never a dull moment during a shoot.



NorthCmedia is always open for (new) colleagues and Jasper has a lot in petto as a new colleague in our camera/edit team, but also as certified drone specialist. Don’t give up until it’s good, that’s what we recognize Jasper in and what we see in our end productions. Besides filming Jasper also has the preference for setting the perfect lights on the set.