NorthCmedia is certified and specialized in creative media solutions for the entire industry and are the preferred partner for many companies in the offshore (wind) and Maritime industry today. Due to our knowledge and experience in the industry we can help you to visualize your company and our creative team have exceptional experience in producing content to impress your target audience.

Our Services

Our Services


Brand films have the power to express the personality and values of your company in a way that engages your audiences and evokes an emotional response.
We tell stories. We produce branded video content that really draws audiences in. Because we don’t just get video production — we get people. We get relationships. We understand what will make your audience not just start watching, but keep watching, and keep coming back for more. No matter your vision, we’ll help you capture it.


Corporate video production is fast becoming one the most popular marketing and communication tools, allowing businesses to make a lasting impression on their audience. We help our clients do exactly that, but in a fresh and engaging way, focusing on unique company stories. With the rise of social media and online video platforms, video content is a powerful way to build brand awareness and promote services – particularly when there’s a story at its heart.


Time lapse video speeds time up showing or processes in a few minutes that normally take hours, days or even years. The Power of Versatility of Time-Lapse in One Video. From a single day until lapses for more than years, we have the skills and the equipment to bring your project to life.


From the drawing table to completion of the product, we get excited when we are allowed to capture this in film, animation and time-lapse. Many companies have used our services to bring a crazy project to life. Short powerful images that tell the story, and ultimately the completion, where suspense, joy and euphoria show what a company is capable of. The team feeling, the moments during the project and the final edit that everyone is waiting for, these are the beautiful moments of our profession, but also the solidarity that we feel with the industry and our customers.


The scope of animations and motion grafics in today’s visual media sector is growing rapidly. Professional animation is used to create visual images that cannot be captured with video and gives a clear and creativeview of technical and specifications of products, specific visual ideas and services used within different branches. Animation is using real life elements such as shadows, reflection, refraction, gravity, density and texture to create amazing visual effects. The team of NorthCmedia have the skills that are required to create mind-blowing 3D images andvisualize any (technical) specifications for all sorts of audience and purpose.


In an increasingly noisy world engaging clients and customers relies on outstanding, innovative and immersive presentation. One strong visual message that grabs the eye and engages the mind. We are specialized in low-altitude drone aerial cinematography using cinema cameras for our films. We are recognized as théprofessionals in the field of video, animations and special production. NorthCmedia operates worldwide on and offshore and we are VCA and Nogepa Offshore certified. Our mission is to provide the perfect solution to any shot that you require – be that aerial, underwater, tracking vehicle or with actors. We pride ourselves on creatively problem-solving scenarios to always get the best and most efficient outcome for you.

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